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r u l e s

Icons may only be used on LJ.
Do not distribute graphics as your own.
Do not alter graphics in any manner; textless icons are not bases unless otherwise noted.
No hotlinking!
With the exception of wallpapers, credit is a must. If you are unsure of how to credit, click here for more info.
Comments are always appreciated!
If you'd like to make a request, comment here.

r e s o u r c e s

stylesheet: originally by appleleaf; modified by ethe_real_ity
header: ethe_real_ity
profile graphic: lostacanthus
icon table generator: angelamaria
ethe_real_ity's resource list
lostacanthus's resource list

a f f i l i a t e s

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m u s i c

30 seconds to mars. anberlin. backstreet boys. jon peter lewis. mae. michael bublé. nick carter. stephen christian.

m o v i e s

across the universe. american psycho. anastasia. casino royale. christian bale. daniel craig. fanboys. harry potter. hercules. jared leto. lord of the rings. lord of war. love actually. requiem for a dream. robert pattinson. robin hood: men in tights. scarlett johansson. serenity. she's the man. the butterfly effect. the emperor's new groove. the machinist. the prestige. urban legend. x-men.

s h o w s

clone high. doctor who. family guy. firefly. flight of the conchords. gossip girl. james roday. kristen bell. leverage. paranoia agent. psych. pushing daisies. robot chicken. scrubs. supernatural. the boondocks. the office. torchwood. veronica mars. zach braff.

g a m e s

carth/revan. final fantasy. heavy rain. knights of the old republic. metal gear solid. silent hill. yuna/tidus.